More Love for @orchidhunter

Hands down, the best thing about my new job, outside of the job, is that I finally have nights, and weekends to draw again.

This is a progression set I did in Sketchbook Mobile for Android, on a Galaxy Note 4. It's my friend Leon, also known as @orchidhunter on Twitter. When I lived in SF, I used to draw him a lot, and you can find some of that output in my gallery, but it's been years now.

Leon has always been a type of muse to me, but in my own work, he's evolved into something totally divorced from the reality. Mind you, the reality is better, but the version of Leon I keep in my head is some cute, rubbery Mario-influenced boy-man. I guess it's the same kind of leap that exists to get from Betty Page to Betty Boop.

Project Update: Building The Towers of Wyndia

Last night I was fuming to my friend Alan about how hard it is to draw some of the structures in the world of Wyndia from above, or other more unusual angles, and he reminded me about Google's product, Sketchup.

I immediately scrapped my pretty-broken-looking work in progress and switched my planning to Sketchup.

Today I've started building the structures of my world in 3D, so that I can get all those difficult camera angles with ease.

My plan is to create models for each of the 6 major towers, and then export out the angles I want every time I need to paint a new background. I like this method because one model becomes an extremely detailed sketch for a limitless number of background paintings.

I'm so glad that Alan reminded me about Sketchup.