Caves & Chasms Beta Testing

This weekend I've been play testing my best friend Chris Morrison's new game, Caves & Chasms, which he's going to be releasing on iOS and Android pretty soon. It's really a special project to me because the music is provided by my favorite game composer Leila Wilson a.k.a. "Woofle," who has scored a ton of things I love, but most notably (for me) my own v-novel project, The Archives of Wyndia. The music for Caves & Chasms is gorgeous.

Coding duties have been handled in large part by Felix Palabrica, who was also behind the programming  for Dragon Snackthe side project Chris and I wrapped up together a few months ago.

So needless to say, it's a game that feels like a of part of my family.

Caves & Chasms looks like it's going to be a very atmospheric combination of a classic arcade feel and a very modern adventure. The sense of exploration is very real, and the light puzzle elements are fun but don't throw a wrench in my fun.

Check out Chris' shots of the game on his studio's blog, here.

Have You Had Your Dragon Snack?

I love Chronicle Games' new release, Dragon Snack

Dragon Snack for iOS and Android

Dragon Snack for iOS and Android

There's not too much too it -- catch the cheeseburgers and avoid all seafood (nothing against seafood).  Controls are simple; swipe left to run left. Swipe right to run right. Lift your finger to stop.

For some reason the fish, starfish, and lobsters explode so you know... Careful with that.

Currently, my personal best score is 54, but I know I can do better. Challenge me on Game Center or Google Play Games.

Download Dragon Snack for free.

 iOS App Store

Google Play Store


Disaterpeace's Bonk: Brink of Extinction

Maybe you already know how much I love the TurboGrafx-16, and by extension the Bonk / PC Gengin games.

I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention, as I never knew that there was a current-generation console update to the Bonk / PC Genjin franchise planned and later cancelled. I knew about the PS2 remake, and even bothered to import that one, though I've never been able to play it -- I just figured one day I'd be able to rip it and run it in emulation.

Anyway, I shouldn't say this new version was "planned" as it was most likely fully made and never released. Because you don't just approach Disasterpeace to write a score for your game without having a game first.

The only remnant of that ill-fated game is now the Disasterpeace score, which is a free download on Bandcamp.

For anyone expecting the crunchy, atmospheric, angular chiptunes that Rich Vreeland is known for -- you're not going to find that here. This soundtrack was obviously heavily guided by the studio who commissioned him, to the point that one wonders why they sought him out in the first place. But having said that (and also mentioning that the cave theme from Bonks Revenge is one of my all-time favorite video game songs), this soundtrack to the never-released Bonk update is really good!

I guess Vreeland is a genius even when working within the constraints of overbearing studio direction.

Favorite Track: Preceding the Sphinx