More Love for @orchidhunter

Hands down, the best thing about my new job, outside of the job, is that I finally have nights, and weekends to draw again.

This is a progression set I did in Sketchbook Mobile for Android, on a Galaxy Note 4. It's my friend Leon, also known as @orchidhunter on Twitter. When I lived in SF, I used to draw him a lot, and you can find some of that output in my gallery, but it's been years now.

Leon has always been a type of muse to me, but in my own work, he's evolved into something totally divorced from the reality. Mind you, the reality is better, but the version of Leon I keep in my head is some cute, rubbery Mario-influenced boy-man. I guess it's the same kind of leap that exists to get from Betty Page to Betty Boop.