Caves & Chasms Beta Testing

This weekend I've been play testing my best friend Chris Morrison's new game, Caves & Chasms, which he's going to be releasing on iOS and Android pretty soon. It's really a special project to me because the music is provided by my favorite game composer Leila Wilson a.k.a. "Woofle," who has scored a ton of things I love, but most notably (for me) my own v-novel project, The Archives of Wyndia. The music for Caves & Chasms is gorgeous.

Coding duties have been handled in large part by Felix Palabrica, who was also behind the programming  for Dragon Snackthe side project Chris and I wrapped up together a few months ago.

So needless to say, it's a game that feels like a of part of my family.

Caves & Chasms looks like it's going to be a very atmospheric combination of a classic arcade feel and a very modern adventure. The sense of exploration is very real, and the light puzzle elements are fun but don't throw a wrench in my fun.

Check out Chris' shots of the game on his studio's blog, here.