Archives of Wyndia Progress Report: March 2014

One year ago, I drew the first sketches for my project, The Archives of Wyndia. Working as an artist in the social games industry,  I wanted to create a project that I could make art for entirely aboard transit. I spend four days per month in airports, and two hours a day on buses.

Grey, Ix, and Lin, from The Archives of Wyndia (Sketchbook Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

The idea came to me that if I would use my mobile devices to create artwork for a project, I could stop feeling like so many hours of my life were being burned for no reason. So I picked a project that could be made almost entirely from still pictures, painted backgrounds, and large volumes of text. I created a story about characters learning fantastic truths about themselves though the pursuit of secret knowledge. I designed characters that were easy to paint with my Samsung Galaxy Note's S Pen.

I know this project is special, because I am still passionately in love with it. After a year, I still draw something for it, or write a section of narrative every singly day.

The world of Wyndia is now my world as well. There's nothing I don't look at in the context of this project. When I go on walks in my neighborhood, I see characters and locations. I've written about 60,000 words, painted about twenty backgrounds, and drawn each character over and over again. I hired the amazing Woofle to create a soundtrack for me, and it's second to none.

But the project isn't finished yet, and it's special enough to me that I don't want to push it out early. I'm both sorry and glad to say that I'm yet another case of a project being delayed. It's a passion project, and not my job, so I don't feel too guilty about it. If I were spending 12 hours a day on it, like I wish I were, then maybe I'd shed some tears, but right now all I can tell you is that this thing is going to be spectacular, and I'm going to take the time I need to make sure that it is.