7 Things I Kept Learning in 2014

1) Everything matters / nothing matters. There is an infinite range of opportunity to influence reality, be influenced by it, or both at the same time. Carefully constructing our best outcome in meticulous detail is an exercise in futility, and does not result in a better outcome than remaining flexible. I'm not saying don't try -- just saying don't cling to the details of your desired dream world. Even if you were the only human alive on the planet, other things would still get in your way.

My social avatar for 2015 is a little fatter and more weary, just like me!

My social avatar for 2015 is a little fatter and more weary, just like me!

2) Say what you want. You might as well. Accept what is given. This doesn't work all the time, but as a general rule, it works.

3) Try not to get too fat. It'll make you sad.

4) Everyone needs more compliments, but not fake ones. Surprise someone with a real, sincere compliment. Don't hold onto these when you notice them; just blurt it out: "Your cape looks awesome." "I love your voice."

5) Money is for three things: Your now, your future, and your loved ones. If you are using money on something else, you're probably harboring resentment about it and should reevaluate.

6) In every case, wanting is more exciting than having.  If you really, really want something, before you buy it consider that this phase of wanting may be the last time you ever really enjoy that thing. Are you prepared to convert a source of joy into a mundane tool for your daily life, or unused junk? "Having" the thing you wanted is like waking up from a good dream to mow the lawn.

7)  Life is BYOM - Bring your own meaning. Make it a good one.