The Hold-Up

I've wanted to fill you guys in more completely on the status of the Wyndia project for a number of months now, but I've just posted a couple pictures instead because the main message I wanted you to get is that Wyndia is proceeding, and good things are happening with it. I didn't want to worry you with other stuff that has been happening in my personal life.

I'm sorry there has been a large delay, but I don't want to write one of those mopey posts like I see indie projects doing all the time about unavoidable life situations, etc. This is the post that will come the closest to that kind of thing.

The short version is: My dad died and it needed some focus from me, and then I moved to a new place. By the time I returned to the Wyndia project, my eyes were fresh to the character art and I saw some major flaws that I wanted to fix. I felt the extremely cute, static character art with different facial expressions just wasn't the right thing for a project as cool as this, and I wanted to make something cooler.

Inspired by my favorite PS1 game, Threads of Fate (Dewprism), and one of my favorite anime properties, Popolocrois, I am now well into the process of updating my character models to take advantage of a new super-cool "low-poly" style. The poses and expressions that this style allows are also looking really nice. They make me sure that I made the right call by taking this update on.

I decided that since this is my personal, unpaid passion project, I should do what I need to do to make it something I'm really proud of, so I know I have the support I need from you guys for deciding to strip off the release date and get down to business on some seriously great improvements to the game.

Stay tuned.