Project Update: The Archives of Wyndia - Into the Cloudline Original Soundtrack

If I've been overly silent about my visual novel project, The Archives of Wyndia, there has definitely been some great noise going on elsewhere. Mainly, from Leila 'Woofle' Wilson on our official soundtrack, which is now set to go on sale December 20th, in both digital and physical formats.

Leila 'Woofle' WIlson has added a teaser of highlights from our soundtrack to her Youtube channel.

Leila is using Bandcamp for her digital sales, so you'll be able to pick practically any possible lossless or lossy format you could dream of. Compact Discs are also available.

I can't say enough about what it has been like to work with Leila. Her music has been a source of constant inspiration, and her talent speaks for itself. I can't wait for the release of our soundtrack on December the 20th. You can hear more music from Woofle on her web site.